You can also opt to use generic drivers issued through Microsoft by OEMs. If drivers available on third-party websites did not work for you, then chances are that these drivers might do the trick. Use the link below to visit the Microsoft Update catalog in your favorite browser.

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  • Some monitors like Samsung M-series come with a physical remote to make such changes.
  • Via Windows Update – go to Settings – Update & Security – Windows Update, then click Check for Updates.

This is the quicker and easier way for most people, unless they have good technical knowledge and enjoy doing things manually. Technology keeps improving and making life easier for us all at impressive rates. New advances in home computing software allow people to keep their PCs in top shape with just a few clicks of a button. Click the box next to Attempt to remove the driver for this device.

Adjust Volume and Audio Settings in Windows 10

If you face audio issues on your Windows, it’s time to update the sound driver. This post will explain how to update audio drivers on Windows 10. With every working piece of hardware installed on your computer, you will find a piece of software, known as drivers. Drivers are installed for every computer device in Windows, and the sound card is no exception.

In Windows, there are two ways to update your drivers on your own. The first is to use the built-in Windows Update service, which handles updates for your OS and various Microsoft programs, along with driver updates for a range of popular hardware. You can also take a more surgical approach through the Device Manager utility and update your drivers one by one.

Generally, any missing driver would be reinstalled to your PC automatically. An active internet connection should help in fetching the latest version of drivers. Open the “Sounds and Audio Device Properties” screen from the Control Panel.

Latest Windows 10 update issue is trashing audio quality

All of the video display of the computer for pictures, videos, animation etc is possible because of the graphics card. If there is any sort of trouble with the display, one must check the graphics card. Graphics cards are often physically inserted into this site the slot of the motherboard.

How do I fix my AMD Catalyst Control Center?

With that info in hand, head over to the manufacturer’s website — you’re looking for the part of the website where you can download driver updates. If the result from the Update scan shows that there are audio/sound driver updates available for your PC, proceed to download them. There are a lot of third-party driver updater apps that you can use to reinstall the sound driver on your Windows PC. However, we have identified two that actually work without issues. We also demonstrated how you could use them to find the right drivers for your computer. If the Windows Device Manager and Troubleshooter couldn’t fetch the sound driver back to your PC, there are third-party applications that also gets the job done. Colloquially known as Driver Updating software, these apps will automatically install new or missing drivers, update outdated ones, and fix whatever driver issues your PC might be having.

It could be a good thing, though, as such devices are prone to stop working if a wrong driver is installed. Interestingly, its free version also lets you backup drivers and restore them anytime, a feature usually found in paid versions of other tools. Overall, DriverMax is a great tool for safely updating drivers and installing extra components if you need them all for free.