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By the very nature of having a web site, we have the privilege to share any special interest that we have with our visitors.  One of our  interests is in protecting the rights of animals,  in particular...big cats.

  Many of these beautiful cats are on the endangered species list, due to a variety of reasons.  Some have just been kept in the wrong living conditions due to selfish or ignorant human intervention.

We've found the sites of the angels here on earth that are helping them.


An amazing video that shows the unforgettable love of a lion named Christian:

 Give generously... Big cats need your help


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We recently found this wonderful refuge in the heart of Pennsylvania.  They are doing wonderful work to help big cats and other species.  When they take in an animal, it is for life.  Please visit their website to find out how the Mattive family are helping to make a difference in these animals' lives.  We want to see them flourish as a sanctuary, because they are the real thing when it comes to helping animals.



Bugs Bunny




Shambala is a unique eighty acre wildlife habitat that has provided a haven for endangered exotic big cats.  This preserve has been run by actress Tippi Hedren since 1972.  Currently, almost seventy animals live at Shambala, including African lions, Siberian and Bengal tigers, leopards, snow leopards, servals, mountain lions, lynxes, a Florida panther, a cheetah, and an African Elephant.

All of these animals were born in captivity, with many of them being orphans or cast-offs from circuses, zoos and private owners who could no longer care for them. None of them have ever been in the wild. All depend upon humans for their needs. With expert veterinary care, carefully planned diets and constant attention by a dedicated staff of professionals, Shambala provides a dignified life for these precious wild animals.

We've pictured some of the friends that live there right here.  Come to:  http://Shambala.org






The De Wildt Cheetah Centre was established in 1971 with the aim of breeding endangered species. Over the past two decades the Centre's efforts have resulted in the major achievement of breeding what was once a threatened species, the cheetah (Acinonyx jubatus). Over the years, nearly 600 cheetah cubs have been born at De Wildt - a dramatic contrast to the days when the cheetah population of South Africa was estimated at a mere 700.  They need your help.  They have wonderful opportunities for you to stay at their center.  You can even adopt a cheetah! (figuratively speaking of course!)   Contact them at: http://www.dewildt.org.za


In the Southeastern tip of Russia, the last 400 Amur tigers and 40 Amur leopards roam the forests. Tigris Foundation, a Dutch organization founded in 1996, is dedicated to the survival of these endangered cats.

Please come to this wonderful site and find out what you can do to protect these beautiful, incredible inhabitants of our world.  http:/www.tigrisfoundation.nl


vanAnnies Felidae - is a source for felid (big cat or wild cat) research material for students at every level of science education. These materials include but are not limited to article listings, field work reviews, essays on selected topics, and interactive learning tools. The objective is to inspire continued interest in all wild cats such that viewers may be both motivated and equipped to protect cats in the wild.

Come to their site: BigCats.com


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